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Laporte 285 DT - Automatic Doubles

LAPORTE 285 DT Doubles Trap

The 285 DT machine was developed to throw a TRUE double and is the only trap that conforms precisely to ATA Regulations (American Trap Association). With a high-capacity magazine holding 900 targets, the trap fits inside a Standard Winchester Trap House. This is the only ATA Doubles Trap utilizing two separate throwing arms.
Target trajectories can be individually adjusted, unlike traps with one throwing arm. Horizontal, vertical and windage adjustments are easily and rapidly made.
The trap can be changed from throwing Doubles to Singles or Singles to Doubles easily. No adjustment of spring tension is required as with single throwing arm machines.
A unique computerized random oscillation and machine selection prevents the shooter from "reading" the trap in singles mode.
The trap can be used for "Fun Shoots" or in Sporting Clays by selecting Singles, Doubles, or Random mode where the trap will oscillate and randomly throw Single or Double targets.

- 8 Columns
- 800 (400 per traps)
- Black
- All springs
- Up to 100 M
- Horizontal
- Yes
- 1,8 sec
- Yes
- From 12V to 400 V

- Height : 1 m
- Weight : 200 kgs